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Xenon Plus Halogen Bulbs

Xenon plus premium performance halogen bulbs make driving at night brighter, easier and safer.

They are 30% brighter than conventional bulbs, using Xenon gas which not only burns brighter than conventional halogen but also has a light output far closer to daylight

They don't need any extra power so upgrading is just a simple matter of changing bulbs with no need to make alterations to switches and cables. With a low UV output, they are suitable for plastic headlamps, lenses or reflectors.


Xenon Halogen Ultima Bulb

  • Upto 120% more light on the road
  • Produces exceptional night driving performance
  • Better reflections from road markings and signs
  • Replaces 472
  • 12v
  • 60/55w
  • ECE  H4
  • QTY. 2