Grease/oil type aerosols


White grease with PTFE

  • White grease with PTFE
  • Anti water washout properties
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Universal grease with almost limitless applications: eg locks, hinges and striker plates
  • Suitable for clean area applications
  • White Grease Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 6 X 500ml

Copper grease

  • Stable up to 275C as a grease and up to 1200C as a release agent
  • for high temperature applications: brake and handbrake linkages, exhaust and manifold nuts, studs and wheel nuts
  • can be used on boilers and water heaters, eg inspection flanges and to lubricate moving parts in the heat treatment industry
  • SAS17 Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Silicone grease

  • Silicone grease aerosol
  • moisture repelling
  • excellent insulating properties
  • for electronic control and switchgear in exterior applications
  • Silicone Grease Safety Data Sheet 
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Clear grease

  • Clear grease aerosol
  • use on areas requiring a tenacious lubricant whilst retaining a good cosmetic appearance: eg car door locks 
  • Clear Grease Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Clear fine oil

  • Clear fine oil, multi purpose
  • Gives economical application on types of machinery, small lightly loaded bearings etc.
  • Use in difficult places and where lubrication is normally carried out by conventional oil can method 
  • Safety Data Sheet 
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Battery terminal protector

  • Battery terminal protector
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Improves electrical continuity thus improving starting
  • Contains an indicator to visualise acid leaks {turns red) 
  • Waterproofs terminals
  • Suitable for use on batteries and earthing straps in cars, buses, trains and plant hire equipment
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Foodsafe Lube

Food Safe lubricant is is a non toxic lubricant specially formulated for use in all food areas. Ideal for use on conveyor belts, light machinery and in any area which may come into accidental contact with food stuffs

  • Foodsafe lubricant based on edible quality vegetable oils
  • Taint- free formula
  • Temperature range -10C to 100C
  • For food preparation and food packing machinery
  • For use on chain sprockets, slides or any moving part
  • Water resistant suitable for wet pack operations
  • Safety Data Sheet 
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Chain and Cable Lube

  • Chain and Cable Lube
  • Penetrating, anti fling formula
  • Rubber grommet friendly
  • For heavyweight drive chains , eg fork lift truck masts, motor cycle chains
  • Safety Data Sheet 
  • QTY. 500ml x 6

Graphite Penetrating Spray

  • Graphite Penetrating Spray
  • Rapidly and efficiently loosens and frees seized nuts, bolts and hinges
  • Spray gives a grey low viscosity highly penetrating liquid
  • Incorporates a residual lubricant to help reduce friction during dismantling
  • Leaves a film to help protect against further corrosion
  • Safety Data Sheet 
  • QTY. 6 X 500ml