Valeting aerosols


Cockpit Spray

  • Cockpit Spray
  • Restores sheen to any hard surfaces 
  • Enhances appearance of plastics, vinyl and rubber
  • Acts as a plasticiser 
  • Re-odourise vehicle interior with an apple scent
  • Restores sheen to any hard surface
  • Suitable for Public Service Vehicles as a protective coating against soiling
  •  Cockpit SpraySafety Data Sheet
  • pack of 6 X 500 ml

Glass cleaner

  • Glass cleaner
  • Cleans glass, ceramics, perspex and any hard surfaces
  • Can be used as a telephone cleaner (spray onto cloth before use)  
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 6 x 500ml

Foam Cleaner

  • Foam Cleaner
  • Instant foaming action lifts dirt
  • Easily wiped away
  • Removes nicotine stains
  • Use on upholstery, curtains and fabrics
  • Use on hard surfaces , eg computer casings, office furniture 
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY. 6 x 500ml

Multi Shine

  • Designed for use in the body shop or adjacent to paint spray areas
  • Silicone free
  • Gives an attractive satin sheen to surfaces
  • A silicone free alternative to cockpit spray,
  • Safety Data Sheet 
  • Quantity 6 x 500 ml

Tyre Foam

  • Tyre Foam
  • Suitable for all types of tyre on any vehicle
  • Wash vehicle, spray on and leave for shine to develop
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • QTY.6 x 500ml